Aria Goldberry

Freelancer illustrator
SFW/NSFW furry artist

Links contain NSFW content

All prices are in USD (U.S. DOLLAR)

Full render / Painted

Thighs Up$120

• What increases the price •
▹ Wings/horns
▹ Armor/weapons
▹ Complex character pattern or clothing design
▹ Extra body parts (ex: multiple tails/ second pair of limbs).

• Extra characters •
+80% for extra character (max. 3 characters per illustration).

• Backgounds •
Backgounds start at $30 and they are negociable, depending on the complexity. Simple color/gradient backgrounds are free.

• Commercial use •

• Privacy fee •
30% of the total price

Alternative versions are negotiable

Simple bust

Soft shaded bust$45

Extra characters and alternative versions are negotiable

Sketch headshot

TypeSingle HeadshotPack with 4 (same char.)
Gray/ one color$15$50

Reference Sheets


Ref. TypePrices
Front and Back$120
Complex Ref.$250

• Complex Refsheet Includes •
▹Front and back view
▹Front view outfit
▹Shaded halfbody
▹2 headshot expressions
▹3 close-ups (bean paws, eyes, piercing, ears)
I can provide both SFW and NSFW versions

• What increases the price •
▹ Wings/horns
▹ Armor/weapons
▹ Complex character pattern
▹ Extra body parts (ex: multiple tails/ second pair of limbs).

AddicionalPrices per item
Extra outfit$30
Feral form$30
Chibi form$20

Outfit Sheets

TypeFlat ColorShaded
3 outfits$125$170
5 outfits$200$260
Each extra outfit$35$50

Outfit sheets are only available for existent characters.
I need a reference sheet or previous arts of the character.
Complexity fee might apply depending on the character/outfit.

Terms of Service

◈ Important ◈Before commissioning me, check my galleries and examples to make sure that my style fits what you have in mind and your preferences. Feel free to ask me for clarification of these terms or to clear up any doubts you have.By commissioning me, you are stating that you have read and agreed to these terms.

• About the art •

• When commissioning me you agree and consent with my art style and method. My full rendered art style has SHADING and LIGHTING that may result in some change on the colors of your character. If you prefer exactly the same color, flat color commissions are the best way to go.
• I prefer to have a visual reference of the character such as a reference sheet or another artwork of the character, but I can work with a detailed description.• Feel free to post the artwork on every platform you want, but please always credit me.• Nobody, even the commissioner, can EVER remove my watermark/signature or alter/recolor my work.• You CAN NOT make profit off of my work or claim the artwork as your own work. If you want to use my work commercially, we have to negotiate it BEFORE I start the commission.• You must be over the age of 18 to commission adult content. By commissioning me for any +18/NSFW art, you agree that you are 18 OR OLDER.

• As the artist •

• I retain full and exclusive rights to the original artwork even if the character portrayed is not mine. By commissioning me you agree that I’m allowed to use the art as an example of my work in my galleries (unless stated and agreed upon by both the commissioner and myself beforehand). I retain the right to distribute, reproduce and copy as I see fit for sales or self-promotion.
• I sometimes stream my art progress, if you wish me not to stream your art piece, this must be communicated before I accept your commission.• I’m not allowed to draw characters without the owner's permission or claim them as mine. If you wish to commission a character that does not belong to you, I may require you to provide proof of the owner’s consent to me, or I may elect to confirm with them myself.• I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason.• I reserve the right to select which picture I will or won't use in my galleries. If you don't want me to post your commission online, you have to pay a privacy fee. I still retain full rights to the artwork, I just won't upload it to my galleries/socials.• I prefer to work with at least some artistic freedom. If you have something too specific in mind, your commission may take extra time and I may charge extra if the idea is too specific.

• Pricing •

• I can change my prices whenever I feel it's necessary, please always check my prices before commissioning me. I am always happy to answer pricing questions if you are unsure.
• Note that the prices on my Price Sheet are used as base. I will charge more according to the complexity of your character (such as wings or horns), or if the background is not simple (A simple background would be a solid or gradient color, or a background that requires low effort on my part).• Things that will likely have a complexity fee:-Wings
-Complex pattern
-Complex hair style
-Complex outfit
-Armor/ weapons
-Extra Limbs or Tails

• Payment and Refund Policy •

• All prices are in USD.
• I only accept payments via Paypal Invoice.
• For SIMPLE BUST and SKETCH COMMISSIONS I only accept upfront payment.• Payment plans can be negotiated depending on the price of the commission.• Full refunds will only be issued if I haven’t started working on your commission. I reserve the right to withhold the money until I can arrange to have someone take your place in my queue, up to 2 weeks.• If you need to cancel your commission, a partial refund can be negotiated, depending on level of completion. No refunds will be issued after I have completed the flat color stage.

• Drawing progress •

• You can ask for changes on the sketch stage but after that, only minor alterations will be allowed. If you want me to do considerable alterations on a piece after it has been already approved, an added charge will be applied to make the desired changes. In the case of any color mistakes on my side, the correction will be done without any charge.
• I reserve the right to cancel any request that makes me uncomfortable during the process. If that happens, the commissioner will be fully refunded.• YCHs are done between commissions. Full rendered commissions have priority on my queue.• Turnaround time is usually 4 – 10 weeks. I try to deliver the artwork in under 6 weeks, but sometimes life happens and I need more time. (Note: REFERENCE SHEETS generally take more time than regular commissions.)• If there’s a deadline, it must be agreed upon before I accept the commission. Note: I may charge a rush fee if the deadline is short notice. Deadlines shorter than two weeks will likely be declined (I may double the rush fee if I feel I can complete the work in such a time frame).

◈ Additional Info ◈• Nobody, not even the commissioner is allowed, under any circumstances, to use any part of my artwork (commissions or personal art) for non fungible tokens (NFT) or use them on AI generators.• DO NOT use my original characters for RP.• DO NOT use my art as profile picture if you don't own the character.• My OCs are my property and the adoptables/characters on the commissioned artworks belong to their respective owners.Terms and Conditions may change over time, always check my prices and ToS before commissioning me.

Aria Goldberry

✧ Hello creature! ✧

My name is Aria, I go by she/her. I am a fulltime freelancer artist living in Brazil.My main fursona is a female ethiopian wolf with blue hair.
I usually draw furries and humans and I do both SFW and NSFW.
Nice to meet you!